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What sets NativeScapes apart from Industry Standards?

Jeff and I have been in the plant and landscape business for 28+ years. We have learned much by trial and error and we have a lot of experience and knowledge to bring to the table.

We specialize in earth-friendly, environmentally sound landscapes. We both started out working in the nursery industry and that gave us a vast working knowledge of how plants are propagated, how they grow in controlled environments. We’ve learned how to find and identify native plants during our search for seeds and cuttings which led us to observe and learn about how they grow and thrive in their original element. Over the years we have used this knowledge to put together various types of native plants with more traditional plants that are well suited to our particular climate and soil to create landscapes that work well in our unique environment.

Besides our working knowledge of plants we have worked with many homeowners in this area as well as builders and commercial clients. We learned that one of the many things that draws people to this area is its diverse beauty and ruggedness. We wanted to be able to capitalize on that aspect of the Hill Country when creating landscapes for clients. Our landscape designs work with the varied terrain and soil, the constantly changing and sometimes harsh weather as well as our prevalent deer population. We use plants that are hardy and deer resistant. We always take into account that creating and maintaining positive drainage is first and foremost and that beauty and low maintenance are priorities. We can give potential customers a detailed client referral list as well as addresses to view from our huge body of work. NativeScapes Landscaping has done both residential and commercial installs over the years and can provide references for both.

I grew up in New Braunfels and am still very much connected to this area and the community. I have been a member of the Guada Coma Garden Club, I have served on the board, and am a current member of the Friends of New Braunfels Public Library. I am a member of the Native Plant Society of Texas (Lindheimer Chapter) and served on the committee to create parts of its Native Landscape Class. I’m a member of the Friends of Tye Preston Library of Canyon Lake along with being an active member of several local political organizations. I have been a volunteer with the New Braunfels Heritage Society and have given many landscape-related talks to various local garden clubs and the Native Plant Society. My roots are deep in this community and the local soil.

The Passion Behind NativeScapes Landscaping

NativeScapes Landscaping means to landscaping what fashion means to clothes. It’s more than the plants and the soil and the walls…it’s the space and how it speaks to a person and what the sunset behind that one tree leads them to believe about life in the quiet moments. Some of the best sunsets happen in the hill country and they might look better under a rough cedar pergola, surrounded by blooming native plants that overlook a rambling dry creek bed. NativeScapes Landscaping is all about creating beautiful outdoor spaces that work with the natural Texas hill country environment.

There is a quality of soul that goes into creating a cool outdoor space. NativeScapes Landscaping makes the landscape look different so you can look at the landscape differently. Gorgeous limestone rocks become dry stacked walls that help drainage issues disappear. Flagstone walkways make sidewalks look desirable and a brick patio under those stately oaks adds the right finishing touch.

Making weeds into wildflowers and native scrub into perennial borders is just part of how NativeScapes Landscaping has been successfully blending nature with outdoor living for the last 28+ years.

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