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Xeriscape is a term that basically means water-conserving landscaping.  NativeScapes Landscaping understands that working with the environment is the best way to live in it easily and well which is why we have been designing and installing xeriscapes from the very beginning.  Water in our area is precious and conserving what we have is only becoming more important with the continued population growth. 

NativeScapes Landscaping approaches xeriscaping from a multi-pronged approach.  We start by amending the native soil with compost-rich landscape soil in all the planting areas.  This gives the plants a great growing medium to start with before their roots reach the less nutrient-rich local soil.  The next step is to use a high-quality, professional-grade, non-woven weed control fabric that not only prevents weed growth (which robs the soil of nutrients for desirable plants) but also prevents any erosion as well.  The fabric is permeable so air, water, and all the nutrients from composting mulch can move through it.  We use double shredded cedar mulch in many of our planted areas which helps prevent moisture loss as well as being able to easily break down and compost.  The use of crushed granite, river rock, or other aggregates on top of the fabric also helps keep needed moisture in the soil and keeps the sun from heating the roots of the plants the way exposed soil does.

The other important element in xeriscaping is using plants that are well suited to our area.  Drought-tolerant plants, native plants, and plants that are deer resistant are a must in our landscapes.  We also keep in mind that shade plants really need to be in the shade and only plants that love the sun are placed in full-sun locations in our landscapes.


NativeScapes Landscaping’s approach to xeriscaping does not exclude using turfgrass in our designs.  We approach using grass/turf as a way to break up the areas of mulch, gravel, or other hardscapes.  Small areas of turf help soften the entire landscape and give the eye a needed “green space” to rest on when viewing the landscape as a whole.  We choose the most drought-tolerant, disease-resistant turfgrass in our landscapes. While we use it sparingly, Bermuda Tif and Zoysia Palisades are the two types of grass that we install the most.  Bermuda does wonderfully in full sun as does the Zoysia but the Zoysia will take some shade where Bermuda will not.  St. Augustine grass is not well suited to our area in general but often it’s the only grass that will thrive in mostly shady settings which is about the only place where we install it.


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