Walkways & Landings

Completing the Landscape  

Often the addition of a simple walkway can change just a yard into a landscape!  NativeScapes Landscaping can design a walkway to fit any need.  Sometimes, a walkway is about getting from one area to another, so a utilitarian style and simple materials are needed, such as steel edging and decomposed granite.  You can easily upgrade that look by adding large flagstone slabs and/or a mortared chopped stone border.  Another simple walkway can be created using large flagstone slabs set in the existing turf.

A more formal walkway may include mortared flagstone or brick pavers.  Sometimes the best walkways are the ones that take on a funky, eclectic look when different types of materials are used together. 

Steps and Landings are often just a part of any good walkway in the hill country since the many elevation changes make them a necessity.  Steps can be simple native bouldersmortared chopped block, or more formal flagstone steps and long landings that make navigation easier.


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