Over the years NativeScapes Landscaping has designed and constructed many fire pits in all different shapes and sizes and using various materials but they all seemed to be best suited for cold weather.  This gas fire pit that we created works well for warmth in colder temps but turn the flame low and you have a great focal point that creates an inviting ambiance without too much heat.

We used Oklahoma random rectangle stone for the construction of the pit itself.  We wanted the pit to be round since it will be viewed and viewable from all areas of this riverside outdoor living space.  We tied into the natural gas line on-site and then installed a metal plate assembly that is topped with fire-resistant rock.  Once the fire pit was constructed, we then created a seating bench using the same Oklahoma stone to mirror the curve of the pit.  The bench adds extra seating for gatherings as well as a great place for drinks or plates during more intimate settings.

The patio surrounding the fire pit is also circular and bordered by a small Oklahoma flagstone.  Inside we laid large Oklahoma flagstone slabs in Texas Black basalt gravel to create a round patio space for outdoor furniture.

Outside the patio space, we used Texas Black gravel and then Oklahoma stone for mortared walkways to and from the whole outdoor living space.  The black of the gravel contrasts nicely with the greys and rusts of the stone while also complementing the blues and greys of the house.

We used minimal plantings in the area to keep it low maintenance and create an open and expansive feel.  The moss sandstone boulders we used as accents only add one more layer of complementary color and texture to the whole look.  This will truly be a great space for gatherings no matter the season.

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