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Retaining Walls 

Landscaping in south central Texas can be challenging for a variety of reasons but often the varying elevations on a prime piece of property can be daunting when trying to figure out the best use of a given space. 

NativeScapes Landscaping can design many different creative ways to not only make use of elevation issues but to use them to enhance the overall look of the property.  We are adept at turning slopes into terraced gardens, stepped walking beds and hillside rock gardens.  We can cut into a slope and add steps and landings and even cozy bench spaces. 

Retaining walls can be created using boulders, chopped limestone, building stone or even stacked flagstone.  Small native boulders make beautiful mortared dry stacked walls and often we can match the same building stone used on your home to make walls and terraces.  Look below at the Wall and Terraces Gallery for examples!


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