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Creating Unique Designs  

Once you’ve decided to landscape it’s not always easy to make your vision come to life but NativeScapes Landscaping has been doing that very thing for clients for years.  Each design is custom-tailored to the wants and needs of the client combined with how that will best work on an individual property.  During our initial meeting, we’ll discuss not only how you want the landscape to look but also how you want to live in the space, maintain it, and whether or not there are any special needs to address like drainage, elevations, parking, or pets. 

Drainage always has to be a big consideration in any good landscape design and that certainly holds true here in the Texas Hill Country.  We’re frequently faced with long droughts but eventually, it does rain, and often it rains hard and fast.  We take many approaches to correct drainage issues.

We often use dry creek beds to move water away from the house or other structures.  These creek beds or arroyos can be not only functional but truly landscape-enhancing features. It’s important to remember to create or maintain positive drainage with little or no erosion. 

Another approach is to work with the natural grade to make sure we can capture as much runoff as possible in specific areas and then allow it to soak in before disappearing off any given property. 

NativeScapes Landscaping will work with you to create a plan that will suit your budget as well as your landscape needs.  Having a master plan that can be done in stages allows time to budget for each portion.  Often a landscape that is done in phases allows time to make revisions and changes as the overall project progresses and takes shape.

So, whether you’re working with a blank slate new construction home or an already established landscape NativeScapes Landscaping can design an outdoor area that will be uniquely yours. 


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