Project 7

Newks Village

Newks Village 

The challenge with this location was to create as much private outdoor living space as possible in a very narrow backyard and small front courtyard.  In the back, we first built an earthen berm and planted large evergreen shrubs along the fence for privacy.  We then created steps and planters to keep the patio as low as possible again for privacy.  We added a seating bench around it as well as columns,  all to match the rockwork on the house.  We used large rectangular pieces of sawn limestone to create the patios in both the front and back with exposed aggregate mortar in the joints.

The overall concept was to have the patios mirror each other since they both would be viewable at the same time from floor-to-ceiling windows inside.  We installed a small outdoor kitchen in the back and a large gas fire pit in front.  Since the front area was small we installed artificial turf to surround the patio to soften the extensive rock work.


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