Retaining walls not only serve a distinct purpose in a landscape but they can also help define the whole look of a space.  We use retaining walls to, well…retain…lots of things like soil, slopes and drainage areas but we also use them to highlight a certain aspect of a landscape or to add definition.

The landscape pictured had a definite cut made between the house and what is now the turf area.  There were some drainage and erosion concerns that needed to be addressed along with how to best address the cut and still be able to easily navigate the yard by foot.  We determined the best way to do that was to create a wall that would act as a deterrent for the water coming off the slope towards the house and to act as a defining element between the upper and lower portions of the yard.

We used Oklahoma stone cut into random rectangles to create the double-sided wall.  The stone coordinates with the house stone but does not match it completely but instead adds another textural element to the overall landscape.  The wall was then capped with flagstone that again complements the house rock.

We then created beds along the house with grass between the beds and the wall to add softness to the straight lines and also to provide a turf walkway to the side yard gate.  This grassy area also serves as a drain space that moves water through it but also allows some of the needed rainwater a chance to soak in and be absorbed.

We used large river rock in all the beds to not only facilitate drainage but to add another complementary look to the wall.  The large native limestone boulders placed at either end of the wall anchor it to the whole landscape while at the same time adding a natural element to the whole look.

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