Outdoor living areas are very popular here in South Central Texas and they are as varied as the hill country terrain.  Most folks want some type of the level area to spread out in and often entertain on.  Both of these requests can be challenging due to the fact that this is a hill country and there are many elevation changes to consider.

In this River Chase backyard, we wanted to create as much usable space off the existing covered patio while at the same time making that space level and easy to access.  We started with retaining walls using native limestone boulders from the property.  Once we were able to shoot grades and determine the height on the various walls it was easy to then level out areas for a patio and walkways.

The mortared flagstone patio is, of course, the main gathering area of the wooden steps.  Mortared flagstone creates a very flat, versatile, and permanent space that will accommodate all kinds of outdoor furniture and/or yard art.  Other types of material can be used for patios but when using gravel or other types of aggregate there has to be consideration given to drainage, wash-outs, and difficulty in placing furniture without wobbling or unevenness.

Once the patio was created and the drainage was directed out past the hardscaping and into the grass, we then were able to create walkway spaces using decomposed granite.  To make walking just a little easier we then used large, thick flagstone slabs as stepping stones set in the granite.

We then finished off the area with a tree bed off the patio which is bordered by native limestone boulders set in mortar.  The outbuildings off to the side are also easily accessed via the granite walkways and even a ramp for the shed housing the mower.

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