The sight of familiar fence lines in New Braunfels covered with a beautiful profusion of bright pink blooms is a sure sign of fall to me.   Queen’s Wreath also called Coral Vine is a native to Mexico that starts blooming in late summer and by fall the foliage of this vine is often completely covered by the cascading pink blooms.

Antigonon leptopus is a sun loving, fast growing vine that can easily reach 20’ or more so it needs a strong trellis or fence and lots of room to spread.  It will take some shade but generally the more sun the more blooms you’ll see this time of year.  It’s a great vine to use when wanting to cover a boring fence in a short amount of time but left unattended it can take over other plants so pruning might be necessary during the growing season to keep it in bounds.

This plant can be seen in old heirloom gardens often coupled with antique roses and irises.  It’s a hardy perennial that will freeze to the ground during winter but quickly comes back from underground tubers in the spring.  Once established it’s very drought tolerant and the bees and butterflies flock to its blooms.

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