When it comes to drainage in South Central Texas it first must work and work well but it can also be a thing of beauty within the whole of the landscape.  NativeScapes uses a variety of natural elements including native boulders and local river rock to create effective and attractive drainage systems.

Often when looking at where to best locate an effective drainage system like a dry creek bed it’s advisable to work with the lay of the land and where the water has already created its own path.  The next step is making sure that you get positive drainage away from any structures.  If these first two steps don’t coincide then you may need to take an existing water path and direct it away from a house or garage so it eventually ends up off the property.

Since Central Texas is prone to both drought and floods it’s important to know when and where you want maximum run-off.  In areas of the hill country where there is plenty of subsurface rock that allows for natural percolation creating small retention areas will give excess water a chance to soak into lawns or planted beds before it all moves off the property.  These areas can be incorporated into dry creek beds by adding shallow pools or depressions.  The same method can be deployed in large turf areas if the water will eventually drain within a short amount of time so it’s important to know what type of subsurface you’re working with.  Clay soils within the Blackland Prairie portion of our area will not drain well and will hold the water for long periods of time creating standing water issues.

Using the right type of plants within a drainage area adds not a softening effect to a hardscape but many times their root systems will help absorb some of the excess water.  Many native grasses such as Lindheimer’s Muhly and Inland Sea Oats naturally occur in seeps and other drainage areas.  Many of the salvia varieties work well in dry creek beds and offer almost yearlong blooms.

Don’t forget we offer free estimates and no job is too big or small for NativeScape’s Landscaping!  Call today and let us show you what we can do to enhance your landscape!  830.608.0204

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