One of my favorite things to come across randomly is one of our more well-known native plants growing out in the wild…also known as roadsides, vacant lots or ranch lands.  Just last weekend I came across one of the most abundant outcroppings of Damianita I have ever seen locally or anywhere else for that matter.  Chrysactinia mexicana commonly called Damianita is part of the sunflower family that is native to Mexico, Texas and other southwestern states.  It’s a lovely low-growing evergreen that as you can see from the picture makes quite a statement when in bloom.  This hillside is in one of the newer gated communities on the south side of Canyon Lake near Sattler.  These lovely little shrubs were growing everywhere and blooming like crazy…it was a wonderful surprise!

I have used Damianita for many years in all different types of landscapes.  It’s very deer resistant, drought tolerant and really likes crappy soil.  It loves the full sun and needs to be well drained which makes it a favorite xeriscape plant in areas where yucca, agave and cactus like to grow.  Plant it on a slope, in terraced beds or let it drape over a wall and it will thrive.  It will also thrive in areas where less heat loving plants will wither…such as curbside where it will happily soak up all the asphalts reflected rays.

So the next time you’re out driving around be sure to look around at the roadside flora and see which natives you might spot growing in their natural habitat.  Or grab a Damianita at the nursery and try it in a sunny spot in your yard for a hardy spot of bright yellow color!

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