Cooler weather always makes outdoor living a little more inviting and what better place to hang out
than on a beautiful flagstone patio? NativeScapes Landscaping has been creating interesting, unique
and very functional outdoor living spaces that either center around or at least include some type of
mortared flagstone patio. These patios can be large enough to host outdoor dinner parties or just the
right size for a hammock and bistro table. Working with flagstone makes it easy to create varying
shapes and sizes for the patio that will easily fit into any yard or outdoor space. Mortared flagstone
patios are beautiful works of art that are easy to clean and fun to furnish. We can create a patio that
includes a stone fire pit, a covered area for a hot tub or a dining area and even built in stone benches
that can be real space savers. Call us today and let us design the perfect flagstone patio for your outdoor living space today!

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