Texas Natives are not only Friendly but Beautiful!

August is upon us bringing with it some of the highest temperatures and driest conditions of the year which often makes it one of the toughest months for landscaping in the Texas Hill Country.  I encourage folks to look around and see what the natives are up to during this time of year and by natives, I mean plants you see on the roadsides, ranches and pastures in our area.  The trees, shrubs and perennials you see thriving are the plants you want to incorporate into your landscapes.

A few years ago, NativeScapes was fortunate to be able to design and install the entrance to a new subdivision in our area.  The developers of the Ranches of Comal just off FM 306 on Hoffman Lane wanted a landscape that was going to be tough and durable yet look good throughout the year.  The plants I used in the design were all native save for a couple of European Olive trees that have a toughness all their own.  I wanted to highlight some common native plants that are frequently seen in this area but are often overlooked.

Large islands of Gulf and Lindheimer Muhly grass add a soft flutter of green during the growing season and beautiful ornamental plumes in late summer and fall.  Mexican Olive (Cordia boissieri) trees provide lovely white blooms for many months, spring to fall while also attracting all manner of butterflies and bees.  Huisache (Acacia farnesiana) and Retama (Parkinsonia aculeate) trees provide wispy foliage combined with bright yellow blooms at different times of the year.

We also planted several Anaqua (Ehretia anacua) trees for various reasons, one being its ability to hold onto its leaves during mild winters thus providing evergreen height in any setting. Also called Sandpaper or Knockaway trees are prolific in downtown New Braunfels, resemble giant snowballs during their early spring bloom then the orange/red edible berries provide great forage for wildlife.

So now, a few years later the plants are well established and thriving despite the relentless heat, some very cold winters and persistent deer traffic.  Native plants are user-friendly as well as environmentally sound choices for any landscape.

Call NativeScapes Landscaping and we can help you incorporate these Texas Natives into your current or new landscaping!  830.608.0204


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