Now is the time to get your landscape cleaned up and cut back for the winter so it will be ready to burst with new life in the spring.  The coldest month of the year are coming up for South Central Texas and getting plants cut back and the landscape re-mulched is the best way to prepare.

This past year we had so much rain during our normally hot, dry season that many plants put on more growth than usual.  Many or our fruit and nut trees as well as the oak trees have produced a bumper crop this year as well.  While the inordinate amount of growth was lovely to see, it does need to be maintained for trees and plants to remain healthy and not bend, break or stress under the extra weight.

Let us help you get your landscape or garden in shape for the coming winter months.  All perennial plants benefit from being cut back severely during the cold months.  This helps maintain their shape as well as produce the maximum amount of blooms during the growing season. Evergreen shrubs also benefit from being trimmed and shaped during this time of year.

If you’ve been thinking about doing a make-over on your existing landscape this is also the very best time of year to do that.  The trees and other plants will be dormant so transplanting will shock less and it will be easier for them to start to establish a new root system without having to also produce a lot of foliage growth as well.

This is also a great time of year to get any weed issues taken care of.  When plants in the landscape get cut back it exposes any hidden weed problems and those can be easily dispatched and then re-mulched.  Nothing says “I’m ready for spring” like a good clean-up and re-mulch!  Re-mulching beds this time of year is very important not only for helping to keep weeds at bay but as the mulch breaks down and composts it feeds the plants.  We use double shredded cedar mulch because it tends to last longer and adheres to the ground or weed control fabric better which means less wash out.

Give us a call today so we can get your winter clean-up and landscape maintenance scheduled!

NativeScapes Landscaping—830-608-0204

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