What is the purpose of revegetating?

If you have a newly constructed or remodeled home your outside space probably looks more like a jobsite than a yard.  What to do?   Instead of installing new turf for a lawn that requires water and maintenance why not revegetate with native grasses and wildflowers?  Not only will you be doing yourself a favor by creating a low maintenance landscaped areas but you’ll also be creating much needed natural space for other native flora and fauna.

I often come across new homes where the surrounding front and back have been heavily disturbed by all the construction vehicles.  Road base has been put down to combat mud and existing soil has been compacted by various machinery used to construct the house.  Instead of trying to put the whole area into traditional turf which requires topsoil and then later lots of water and maintenance the alternative is to reseed with native grasses and wildflowers.

Wildflowers and native grasses that we see along the roadsides are growing in poor soil so why not let them do that around your house?  Poor soil, little soil, rocky ground…it’s all good for growing natives.  No need to remove the road base used during construction since this is a perfect growing medium for many native plants.  Just make sure to remove any rocks and larger gravel that might impede mowing later.  This last step is probably the most important one when revegetating any area, to make sure that you remove as much larger rubble as possible to mow the area a couple of times a year rather than having to weed eat the space.

Not sure what to plant and when?  There are several places you can glean this information and purchase seeds but one of the best I’ve found is Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg.  You can order seeds online but it is well worth the short drive from New Braunfels to visit the beautiful farm, shop and eatery.  I’ve included the link to their website.  http://www.wildseedfarms.com

Another wonderful place to visit and learn about native plants and wildflower is the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin.

If you are interested in more in-depth information about native revegetation in Texas this PDF is a good one to download.  GUIDELINES FOR NATIVE GRASSLAND RESTORATION PROJECTS.

Contact us for a free estimate or quote!  We would love to help you with this concept or any other landscaping needs you might have!  830.608.0204

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