Rock Rose or Pavonia is one plant that is sometimes forgotten these days when creating a native landscape.  I will agree that it can get a little wild and likes to re-seed itself but if all that is taken into consideration when choosing the best planting spot this semi-evergreen shrubby plant can be a real gem in the landscape.

Pavonia lasiopetala is member of the mallow family and is sometimes called Rose Mallow.  It’s likes full sun but will flower even in part shade.  It’s a very drought tolerant plant that will bloom all summer long and well into the fall but it can adapt to being more regularly irrigated in a garden setting with no ill effects.

Pavonia originates in rocky soils in wooded areas or slopes in West and Central Texas.  It looks much like a miniature hibiscus with small, velvet-like heart shaped leaves and deep rosy pink flowers that open in the morning and close in late afternoon once the heat of the day hits.

If you’re looking for a small (3’ height) shrub that will give you beautiful blooms over a long period then you might want to consider the Rock Rose.

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