Water conservation needs to be on everyone’s minds all year long since our limited supply of water in this area along with periods of drought that can happen at any time make it paramount.  The simple truth is that turf areas require more water more frequently than other planted spaces so limiting the amount of turf you have can be a big water saver.

With a good landscape plan, it really only takes small areas of turf to highlight the rest of the landscape as you can see from the picture of one of our recent projects in Vintage Oaks.  The homeowners wanted to preserve as much of the native landscape as possible but still wanted a little green space to soften the whole look.  By creating pockets of turf area, the eye is led to the green oasis while letting the rest of the landscape become a frame for it.  We used Zoysia Palisades because of it’s drought tolerant and grows in both full sun and some shade.

We used mulch with non-woven weed control fabric in areas that were to remain only mulched areas like under the large, majestic live oak tree.  We also used mulch but no fabric in many large areas that had been disturbed during the construction of the house in order to hold the soil and encourage re-growth of the native grasses and wildflowers.

The areas around the house where little maintenance was desired we used a combination of different types of river rock.  This provides a very clean, crisp look and also facilitates drainage with very little maintenance required.  We chose drought tolerant plants many of them Texas natives that not only look great and provide lots of color but are deer resistant as well.

The bottom line…large turf areas require lots of water and lots of maintenance.  Having just small areas of turf cuts down on water, fertilizer use and mowing while still providing useful play areas and the soft look of green spaces within the overall landscape.

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