The easy to grow Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans) also called Trumpet Creeper is a beautiful addition to any landscape but the fact that it’s a great Hummingbird attractant is also a bonus.  The deep tangerine colored, trumpet shaped blooms start in late spring and provide wonderful color against the deep, emerald green foliage.  This plant is extremely hardy and will overwinter easily in very cold temperatures.  It does lose its leaves once we get a hard freeze so while it provides wonderful screening during the growing season it will not provide yearlong coverage during our colder winters.

It’s easy to propagate Trumpet Vine as well.  If someone you know has one growing then either collect the seeds once they have fully formed and dried to a dark brown color on the plant.  The long, green bean shaped seed pods are easy to spot since they arrive shortly after the blooms wither and continue to elongate and fill out over time.  You can also propagate Trumpet Vine by simply taking cuttings from existing vines and rooting them in water.  Trumpet vine also sends out runners that can be pulled from the ground and easily replanted.

One word of caution however…the Trumpet Vine is listed as a vigorous and hardy grower which basically means it will take over your entire landscape if not pruned properly.  And when I say pruned properly I mean severely!  This vine will latch onto fences, arbors and trellises easily but it will also latch onto telephone poles, sheds and buildings.  If you plant this vine near trees you risk having it take over the tree and killing if you don’t keep it pruned.   Ruthless pruning is necessary to keep it under control and in bounds.  So if you’re up to giving this plant a very close crop at least once a year then by all means…include it in your landscape but if you take a more laissez-faire approach to gardening then you may want to pass up this particular vine.

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