The shortest path from point A to point B is not always the easiest path but it can certainly be made easier by adding a mortared flagstone walkway.  Often in the Texas Hill Country there will be challenges to getting from a driveway to the house or other places in a yard.  We can make that much easier by designing a walkway that will not only be easy to traverse but look beautiful as well.

In this client’s yard we needed to create a safe and easy way to go from the driveway to a side door of the house.  Because the client wanted to keep as many of the native trees and shrubs as possible there was not a tremendous amount of space to work with and that coupled with plenty of large native rocks and some elevation issues it was a little challenging.  As the pictures show we are in the process of creating a mortared flagstone walkway that winds a bit but fits right in with the wooded look along the side of the detached garage.  What had been a fairly treacherous path is well on its way to becoming an easily walkable sidewalk that won’t compromise any of the existing fauna.


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