There is just a simple elegance that comes with having a flagstone patio in your outdoor space.  We created this one off an existing concrete porch that we capped with flagstone then created another portion of patio to make the whole area bigger and more usable to say nothing of being much more attractive.

The area off the existing concrete covered porch had become too shady to grow grass and was creating a mud hole when it rained.  The area was also a major drainage space for parts of the yard and had a slope to it that made it difficult to maintain and to access.  After we extended the patio space we put the shadiest area into river rock to facilitate positive drainage and then using large slabs of flagstone we created a terrace step rather than a slope.  We also used the flagstone slabs as stepping stones through the large bull rock to make walking much easier.

The finished area became a larger gathering place that accommodates more people and outdoor furniture easily.  By capping the existing concrete and adding the small additional patio it made the whole space area look and feel much more open and comfortable.  The area between the tree bed and the patio is cleaner looking, more functional, much easier to maintain and won’t be a problem during rainy weather any longer.

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20160706_103046_resized [2187400]hammomdsdrainage1


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