There is absolutely nothing like the taste of a homegrown tomato!  I will also say the same for homegrown cucumbers.  What we buy in the stores is only a shadow of the wonderful taste of either one of these really easy to grow veggies which you can do in your own backyard!

Yes, it’s July and yes, it’s hot but fall will be just right around the corner and now is the time to start thinking about a fall garden.  August is the best time to plant that fall garden and I will note that some of the very best tomatoes and cucumbers I’ve grown came from my fall gardens.

Almost any vegetable can be grown in here in South Central Texas because we have such mild winters and long growing seasons.  With that being said its imperative that you have a deer-proof space to grow your vegetable of choice otherwise you will only be planting a very short lived salad bar for the neighborhood herd.

One of our clients in River Chase wanted to grow her veggies in an easy to access area off the kitchen deck.  Since this area was perfect for a kitchen garden but was also going to be in a highly visible area we decided to do our best to make the garden a part of the landscape.  We created raised beds using similar stone to the house and then constructed the fence using rough cedar and cattle panels.  The cattle panels make not only a sturdy and attractive rust-free fence but they also create wonderful trellis areas for cucumbers and other vining plants.

This garden will be not only functional and easy to access but beautiful to look at as well.  If you need help planning and creating an easy and attractive way to grow veggies and herbs call NativeScapes and let us help.

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