An outdoor living space here in South Central Texas needs a certain amount of versatility to meet the needs of all our differing weather conditions so a rainproof cover makes sense.  These types of living areas create a great gathering place for informal dinners or other outdoor entertainment.

Our client wanted an area in her backyard that was close enough to the house to make for easy access but also to provide a separate outdoor room for guests to spill out into during good weather.  During the design phase, we discussed how to best accomplish her goal.  Once we had agreed on what this area needed to look like we constructed a rough cedar structure and covered it with a metal roof for an informal and lasting protected outdoor space.  We made the structure tall enough so it gives the appearance of a garden pergola but with the added bonus of having a weather-resistant roof.  Since the roof is pitched we could then more easily predict, control and provide for rain run-off.

We used crushed granite under the structure and then surrounded it with green border beds and butterfly gardens to provide color and interest during the long Texas growing season.  This also serves to help create a more private space that is separate from the rest of the yard.  The flagstone slabs we installed provide easy pathways to and from the space and add aesthetic interest as well.

Since the covering is impermeable this outdoor living space can be used even during inclement weather and the shade it provides is a welcome respite during the hotter months of the year.  Electricity was run to the area so that lights and fans could be installed to provide even more versatility to this multi-purpose outdoor room.

So, if you’re thinking of adding an outdoor living area to your landscape consider the option of covering a portion of it to add year-round, multi-purpose use.

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