Patios make wonderful outdoor hangouts but they don’t have to be relegated to square, boring concrete slabs.  NativeScapes Landscaping specializes in creating unique and beautiful patio spaces.  Since we live in an area that is chock full of rock it just makes sense to use what nature has provided to construct interesting and creative outdoor gathering places.

In this particular instance, our clients wanted to expand their small front porch which serves as an evening gathering place for friends and neighbors.  We first constructed a small seating wall using chopped limestone blocks capped with flagstone.  We then came off the original concrete porch with mortared flagstone and then added another area of decomposed granite and flagstone slabs.  In between the slabs we planted dwarf monkey grass for added interest.  The addition of the plants within the patio broke up the look with some green softness but yet still allowed the area to be used for seating if needed.

There is a certain flexibility in design to be gained when using flagstone, brick, or pave stone when creating a seating area that cannot always be achieved when pouring concrete.  It’s easier to create a patio to fit into an odd space or give an area some much-needed curves.  There are so many different colors to choose from as well and the textures add an element of charm all on their own.

The other plus of using natural stone is the versatility of style that can be achieved.  The stone can either match the stone on a house or complement the colors of the stucco or brick surrounding it.  If your home is mainly earth tones or soothing colors then you may want to consider a patio in a bold or contrasting color scheme.

Whatever your choices or needs entail, NativeScapes Landscaping can design and construct a patio or seating area that not only fits both your lifestyle but looks beautiful at the same time.

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