Creative walkways can turn getting from point A to point B interesting and add a focal point to any landscape.  Often when we think of walkways we think of just a simple concrete path that gets us where we need to go without stepping in mud or other debris along the way.  When I think of walkways I often see them as a creative addition to the landscape.

NativeScapes creates all kinds of walkways using many different types of materials.  Mortared flagstone is probably the most popular because it’s often very serviceable and looks pretty flashy as well.  Since flagstone is abundant in stone yards across South Central Texas it’s easy to find and comes in many different hues, tones and textures.  When choosing a flagstone for a walkway I look for one that either matches or complements the building material on the house or garage first and then I look for one that will be as smooth as possible.  There are many interesting flagstone types out there that are heavily textured but these don’t often make for a good walking surface.  The other thing to consider when choosing a flagstone that is going to be used for either a patio or walkway is whether it’s going to be under trees that might stain it over time if it’s light in color.  If this is the case, you may want to go with a darker color stone.

Another popular walkway material is bricks or pavers.  Antique brick like old Chicago brick or antique Mexican brick makes great walkways but it’s often hard to find these days and usually expensive.  If you can find it then by all means use it because the look you get is well worth the cost.  An alternative we choose often is pavers.  They make pavers in all sizes and colors and many will give you the look and feel of the antique brick but without the cost and hassle of locating the material.  The old world feel of a brick path is often just the right complement to a cottage garden or a Victorian home.

Another route to take for walkways that can be less formal is flagstone slabs.  These are very large pieces of flagstone that are thick and heavy which makes for a very stable walking surface.  We set these in turf, river rock or other aggregate and create attractive and affordable walkways.

So, whether you’re looking for a formal walkway or an informal path we can help you create one that not only works well but looks great.

Call NativeScapes Landscaping and let us discuss the options available to you!  We offer free estimates 830.608.0204

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