No matter where you live privacy is always a consideration and often times fencing provides the best outdoor barrier between you and the rest of the world.

Using thin cedar logs in their natural state to create a fence is believed to have started in New Mexico to keep coyotes out of the barns and stables.  We here at NativeScapes Landscaping use this type of fencing as an alternative to the more typical privacy fencing that usually needs much more maintenance and care over the long haul.

We construct these types of fences in the traditional manner by binding rough-hewn cedar logs (called latillas in Spanish) tightly together with baling wire.  We install the necessary support beams and posts as well as a sturdy backbone for the fence which is a horizontal beam at the top and bottom.  The tops of the fence can either be left jagged for a truly rustic appearance or they can be cut to a uniform height.  Either way, this type of fencing is definitely made to last with little to no maintenance required.

Coyote fencing can be used in many different settings such as creating small screening fences for AC units, garbage cans, or utility boxes.  The natural look of these fences blends well with the surrounding landscape and offers a more rustic look to any yard.   These types of fences offer not only visual privacy but also keep out critters which harken back to their traditional use in northern New Mexico to literally keep coyotes out of ranches, homesteads, and eventually city yards.

So, if you’re in need of a fence and want to create a different look and feel for your outdoor space you might want to consider installing a coyote fence.

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