If you’re like many new homeowners in the Texas Hill country your house may have a lot more foundation showing than initially anticipated which is part and parcel of building in the gently rolling hills and sloping valleys.  Often the best solution is raised planting beds created by constructing retaining walls.

The raised beds in the photo show walls NativeScapes Landscaping created using the same stone and mortar color in order to exactly match the house rock.  This creates a smooth, easy transition from house to walls and continues the color and texture scheme.  The beds can be planted with varying heights of evergreen in order to provide even more cover for the foundation.

Retaining walls can be constructed using many different types of materials but since there is so much wonderful rock to be found in this area it makes sense to use what’s readily available.  We often use native boulders, cut chopped stone, building stone, and even stacked mortared flagstone depending on the situation.  The stone used can either match or add a needed contrast to the building materials used on a house.

Done correctly retaining walls should add the finishing touches to a home’s appearance.  NativeScapes Landscaping often uses curved walls to soften the hard edges of a traditional home.  In contrast, some more, modern home designs are complemented by straight lines, sharp angles, and exact corners.  All of these particulars should be considered when creating a landscape design.

If you’re looking for walls, terraces, landings or simply a way to creatively hide a lot of house foundation then contact NativeScapes Landscaping at 830-608-0204 for a complete consultation, design, and bid.