When designing any landscape one of the first things that must be taken into consideration is the overall drainage of the land.  Too often this gets overlooked or underestimated and the homeowner has left with at best just a mess and…at worst a flooded house!

Positive drainage away from the house is a must for any good landscape to be effective and last the test of time.  It’s the first thing I evaluate when looking at a new property to design.  Much of the time the drainage necessities can be not only incorporated into the landscape design but actually turned into a great focal point.

NativeScapes Landscaping uses a lot of dry creek beds in our landscapes and with good reason.  Dry creek beds or arroyos provide an easy and cost-effective way to create positive drainage with the bonus of being aesthetically pleasing.

The creek bed can be a swallow swale or a fairly wide and deep ditch…it will depend on how much water will be flowing during very heavy rain.  The size of the aggregate or gravel used will also be determined by the amount of water and the steepness of the grade.  Using boulders on the sides and even in the middle of the creek bed will allow for not only great artistic tweaks but will also help direct water flow in particular situations.

In situations where the water flow is not that dramatic but is still something to be considered then you might want to try using turf as a way to slowly distribute water flow while allowing it a chance to soak in as well.  Gravel splashes at the end of gutters or along roof lines that lead into turf areas can also be useful in various situations.

There are many ways to direct and re-direct water and some of those can become an intricate and beautiful part of any landscape.  The most important thing to remember is to allow for drainage…let it become one of the major components of any good landscape design.

Call NativeScapes Landscaping today and let us evaluate the drainage on your property!  We can help enhance your current drainage or create an efficient drainage system!

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