The Texas Hill Country offers beautiful natural landscapes and inspired views but also difficult terrain and widely varying elevations which can be challenging when it comes time to build or landscape. NativeScapes Landscaping designs and installs many creative ways to turn a challenging site into an attractive and very usable space.

This home sits above the Guadalupe River and has a fairly steep incline down to the river itself. The existing steps were small, uneven, and somewhat treacherous and there was no useable space on either side. The challenge was to make it easier to get down to the river as well as create level gathering spaces on either side of the steps.

We enlarged the steps, made them even in height, and capped them with flagstone which is an attractive way to smooth out rough surfaces. Several of the steps became landings to make the trek up and down a little easier. We made sure to add welding plates for future handrails as well. We built several retaining walls to take out the slope and create large level areas that we topped with crushed granite for varying outdoor living uses and low maintenance. Each of these terraced levels is easily accessible via the new flagstone steps.

The last level, closest to the house was the most challenging to lay out due to the various transition areas around trees and other existing structures. Steps and walls needed to come together to form the last terrace as well as fit in with the existing deck. Since this level is closest to the house we used mortared flagstone rather than granite for a more formal look and feel to the space.

We recessed the last few steps and added a privacy wall off to the side of the guest house. The result was a private patio with plenty of room for grilling and table space with a great view of the river. The overall landscape is one of easy access to the river, good views from the terraces, and much-needed space to spread out in and entertain.

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