When a Raised Flagstone Patio becomes the perfect idea for outdoor living spaces!

We work for many clients who live along the crystal-clear rivers in our area and count themselves lucky to do so but sometimes those spaces can be challenging to the landscape.  In particular, it’s difficult to create a level, spacious outdoor living areas which was the challenge with this job.

Our clients wanted more outdoor living space right outside the back deck of their home on the steep banks of the Guadalupe River.  In order to achieve that we first took out parts of the existing deck walkway, demoed the existing retaining wall and privacy wall, and started over.

We expanded the space by bringing a retaining wall out a few more feet which also added some height.  We used the same 8” X 8” chopped limestone block to create the walls up top that we used to create walls for terracing further down the sloping property.

We enlarged some rudimentary steps and recessed them to provide as much patio space as possible.  We removed a wooden walkway out to the driveway and made that all one level using flagstone.  We also removed a wooden railing on one end of the front porch and added a stone step all the way across the side of the concrete porch which now makes for easy access to the backyard.

Using a common Oklahoma flagstone, we were able to make the new outdoor area blend nicely with the still remaining parts of the deck as well as letting it complement the stone on the house.  The varying shades of creams, browns, and greys make this a perfect stone to use under pecan or oak trees since it does not show stains from the tree droppings the way many lighter stones will. Over time all the stones will weather and create a nice patina that will blend together beautifully.

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