Pergolas are a great way to add a little shade and a lot of interest to any landscape.  A pergola is an architectural element forming a shaded walkway or sitting area by using posts or columns with cross beams and covered with a sturdy open lattice that sometimes is covered with vines.  These garden elements were first used in ancient Greece and Rome to define an outdoor area.  These days they are used in much the same way and add a great addition to any yard or garden area.

Here in South Central Texas, we can always use an extra bit of shade and pergolas can provide that as well as create a focal point in the landscape.  Pergolas can be any size and can be constructed to fit into just about any size of outdoor space.  A large pergola makes it easy to entertain outdoors under a little extra shade while a small one can provide just the right spot for a reading nook.

The pictured pergola is one NativeScapes created in a very small backyard in the Landa Estates in New Braunfels.   We used rough cedar to create the pergola and then painted it matches the red front door of this craftsman-style home.

Under and around the pergola we used decomposed granite combined with large flagstone slabs to provide a sitting area and walkways to and from the area.  To help soften the look we planted dwarf monkey grass in this already shaded space and added evergreens along the fence line.  The look is one of a private sitting space off the existing decking that also adds a needed splash of color to the whole area. 

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