Covered patios and seating areas are great for summer outdoor living but there is also often a need for uncovered spaces.  Fire pits and grills need wide open spaces and no ceilings to really be used safely so creating an extension of a covered patio makes sense.

These clients in Havenwood already had a wonderful covered outdoor kitchen/bar area located next to the swimming pool but they wanted an open-air space to gather as well.  When NativeScapes Landscaping created this crushed granite patio off the existing covered area it was with fire in mind…specifically a big but mobile fire pit.

We constructed a mortared native stone retaining wall in order to come out level with the existing concrete grade.  Once the wall was in we backfilled the space and then topped it with crushed granite.  We made sure to shoot grades for positive drainage on this patio space so that when it rains there is no standing water.  We added large limestone blocks for seating around the iron fire pit.  The blocks can be used for seating or even as small tables when guests are hanging out around the fire.  During the warmer months, the blocks make wonderful areas for container plants or yard art.

Since the fire pit is portable it can be moved to make room for a table or buffet area when entertaining.  The patio itself is large enough to house extra tables and chairs for overflow guests.

Crushed granite is inexpensive and versatile.  It can be used on its own as it is here but it can also serve as a foundation for large flagstone slabs to be added.  For a more elegant upgrade, the entire area could be converted into a mortared flagstone patio space.

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