When designing a landscape for any client it’s important to capture the big picture but I have learned that refining the details is what makes for a great landscape.  Listening to the client’s needs and wants and then putting that on paper is the first step.  Executing the installation not only correctly but with precision and an eye for fine-tuning is also vitally important.

When these clients in Rockwall Ranch decided to install a concrete circular driveway in their front yard they contacted us to help figure out how to incorporate the new addition into the already existing landscape with as little disruption of the vegetation as possible.  Since the majority of the area that was to become a driveway was turf it was simply a matter of getting the lines and curves right to maintain the flow of the landscape.  There were also elevation issues to be addressed as well which proved to be the key to creating an overall cohesive look.

Once the concrete was poured we addressed the jagged cut made during excavation by creating a mortared chopped stone retaining wall.  We used the same type of rock as the house rock for continuity.  We then added mortared flagstone steps down to the newly created flagstone walkway since the house was now lower than the new driveway.  The addition of mortared chopped stone columns to mark the entry from the driveway to the house walkway provided even more continuity and a great way to add lighting.  Lights were also installed in the steps for added safety.

The borders on existing beds were changed to flow into the new driveway but still add interest in the beds and seating areas.  Some of the plantings were changed to fit into the newly shaped beds and of course, maintaining positive drainage was also a priority.

The overall look is one of curving beds flowing into the simple lines of the curved circle drive which is highlighted by the retaining wall and columns.

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