Often finding just the right spot to sit and enjoy your landscape comes down to locating the shadiest area of the yard.  But depending on where you live you may just have to create your own shade which is easy to do with a pergola.

Pergolas date back to about 1400 BC in Thebes when they were used to create a shady passage, entryway, or sitting area using vertical beams that support cross beams and a type of open lattice on top. Today’s pergolas are not that much different and serve many of the same purposes.

Pergolas can be ornate or simple, large or small and they can be constructed using various materials.  NativeScapes Landscaping created these two pergolas using rough cedar which weathers wonderfully and needs no staining or painting.

The larger pergola covers a mortared flagstone patio that is partially surrounded by a stone seating wall.  The position of the pergola and the angle of the top slats allow for maximum shade during the hottest part of the day which increases the amount of outdoor living that can be done during the summer months.  The open-air side of this patio area is simply crushed granite and large flagstone slabs which allows for more seating around a portable fire pit.

The smaller pergola covers an old family swing that is a favorite among the grandkids.  The mirror image of the larger pergola makes for easy continuity within this landscape and adds many levels of interest.  The pathway to the smaller swing pergola is crushed limestone bordered by mortared native stone.  The path widens to allow for a grouping of large climbing boulders for the grandkids as well.

If you’re looking for a way to add another outdoor “room” to your living space, a pergola might be just the garden accent you’re looking for.

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